Moving to London


The name of this blog may be a dead giveaway but, I'm Chloe and this is my lockdown/new year project. For my first post, I thought that I could catch you up with the past few months of my life as I've recently moved to London.

It all started in my lovely antique hometown of Shrewsbury. I’d been working in retail for a year and to put it lightly, I despised it. I’d walk to work crying; desperate for something (ANYTHING) to change. I was a supervisor, meaning I’d have to lone trade and tackle humongous workloads whilst practicing "outstanding" customer service. Every day I’d have to refrain from having a complete fucking mental breakdown on the shop floor, until the unfortunate day that my flood gates opened, releasing a copious amount of tears that just wouldn't stop.

Let me paint a picture for you - I was piercing a girl’s ears whilst a queue of people stood outside of the store waiting to get their ears pierced, on top of this was a queue of people at the till waiting to buy their products, the phone was ringing, and JoJo Siwa was blaring through my eardrums. Of course, I did what any normal and sane person would do and started crying in front of customers, leading said customers to recommend me going into the office so I could have a cry. Fuck me. The funny thing is that I continued to work there for at least another two months after that ordeal.

Obviously, during this time I was applying to jobs - Among these jobs was one in London, I applied, put it to the back of my mind, and went about my life as ordinarily as possible. A week or so later I had a telephone interview and was offered the job. After that, I did my training and before I knew it, I was on my way to London, no more than four weeks after applying for the job.

I went from crying every day, unhappy in my life and my job to living in my favorite city, meeting new people, and doing a job that I’d never tried before.

Like anything, it wasn’t smooth sailing, I was excited to move but more so than that – I absolutely didn’t want to move (I know, talk about an uno). I was terrified. I didn’t want to leave everything that I knew behind: my home, my family, my friends. I didn’t really eat much before moving (when I’m stressed, I completely lose my appetite), I cried a lot of bittersweet tears as I was finally doing something that I'd always wanted to do, but I was scared that I’d lose a lot of the things that I cared about in the process.

The journey down to London was both daunting and exciting, as soon as I saw the big buildings and witnessed the road rage, my excitement increased. When I arrived at my house share the excitement quickly faltered yet, I knocked on the door and introduced myself whilst shaking like a leaf. After my nerves settled (this happened with the help of a bottle of wine about an hour after my arrival) I began to settle in, get used to my new job, and meeting new people ALL of the time. I stayed up late and slept too little. I didn’t really write in my diary and I rarely read, my workouts got cut to twenty minutes here and there and the rest of my time was literally spent on enjoying myself and having fun.




· 1.enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure:"the children were having fun in the play area"synonymspleasure, entertainment, enjoyment, amusement, excitement, ... moreantonymsboredom, misery

Fun - Something that I hadn’t remotely engaged in for the longest period of time.

It's been three months and I've spent my weekends exploring London and falling in love with it all over again. I've ridden a bike through Hyde Park and aimlessly wandered around Portobello Market, soaking in the atmosphere. I've eaten tiny dinky pancakes and burgers at rooftop restaurants. I've explored Carnaby street, wrapped up warm whilst drinking mulled wine. Obviously, with going into lockdown it's completely limited what I've been able to do but, London will be here when this is all over and I will be ready to get exploring all over again. For the time being, I'm walking every day and going on bike rides, exploring London whilst the streets are empty and the sirens are few and far between.

I guess I will leave it at that as I don’t want to dwindle on too much. I just wanted to get started and thought this would be the most appropriate post before I can get stuck in. I'm so excited to be able to have conversations with you and document my journey of exploring London and becoming the best version of myself.

Speak soon.


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