I worked out every day for three weeks - Here are my results!


I thought I would share with you my 21-day tone results because I am honestly SO proud of myself and I really can’t believe the physical and mental progress that I’ve made in as little as three weeks – It’s crazy!!! I won’t lie, I’ve been grafting my arse off every single day to get these results and have stayed dedicated but, not always motivated (although having consistently done some form of exercise for 21 days in a row has really helped to motivate me to keep working out and getting stronger).

I’ll start at the beginning. I’ve been working out for the past fifteen months (I began in September 2019) or so, it’s felt like a slow and steady journey. I’ve been sustainable within my weight loss and slowly increased my workouts on a weekly basis. When it comes to fitness, I really must live by “slow and steady wins the race” otherwise I just wouldn’t stick to it at all.

So, this is my before. This is how my body looked on the 4th January 2021. I was definitely happy with the way my body looked as it stood for over twelve months of making healthier choices and being more active. However, I felt like I’d plateaued, and I knew I needed to switch things up a little bit (which is exactly what I did).

Obviously, as soon as Cassey posted about the 21 tone challenge online I knew that I wanted to do it and was one hundred percent going to do it. Moreover, I knew that I was going to put my absolute heart and soul into this challenge because I wanted to see if I could tone up, reduce my fat percentage, and increase muscle mass. Now, I don’t know how to work out my fat percentage and muscle mass, but I can feel and see in my body that I’m looking more toned and feeling tighter and more cinched in. One of the greatest things is that I can feel this literal strength in my core when I’m training legs which just makes me feel so powerful (it’s honestly one of the best feelings in the world). The most important thing from this challenge is the mental clarity that I’ve gained – I think we can all fall into the trap of beating ourselves up and not speaking to ourselves with a kind voice. I’ve spent so many years constantly checking my body in the mirror throughout the day and experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions depending on how bloated I look and if I don’t look bloated, I will find something else to pick on. This challenge has brought all these emotions to the forefront of my mind and I’m finally acknowledging them and doing something about it (hallelujah). I’ve decided to be conscious of how I speak to myself and focus on how I feel as opposed to how I look – If I feel great and I feel healthy, what is the point in being cruel to myself? If I don’t feel great and I don’t feel healthy, again, what is the point in being cruel to myself? There is absolutely no point at all and I’m so glad I’ve been able to acknowledge it so that I can finally move forward with my feelings towards myself.

Here is my "after", from January 25th, 2021.

Here is a little run down of what I’ve been doing these past two weeks –

- I’ve been doing the 21-day tone every single day (It’s around 20 minutes of pilates/light weights every day for six days and then a stretch day on the rest day)

- I’ve been weight training 5/6 days per week (I alternate between upper body/abs and legs/glutes and have been progressively overloading my weights and reps every week)

- I’ve been trying to stretch for ten minutes every day but, I definitely don’t achieve this on a daily basis

- I have got my 10k steps in pretty much every single day

- I’ve been eating 2200 – 3000 calories on a daily basis (I probably eat more sometimes)

- I’ve been trying to eat as much protein and carbs as possible and I have a sweet treat or chocolate pretty much every single day

- I’ve been getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night

- I’m doing dry January so I’ve not drunk any alcohol

- I’ve been drinking 2-3 liters of water per day

Thank you for reading 😊


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