I'm Chloe and for as long as I can remember, writing has been my biggest passion; come rain or shine, summer or winter, sunset or sunrise.


My childhood years were spent with my nose between the pages of a book, my teenage years were taken up with long journal entries, writing short stories. My early twenties are here and I'm ready to acknowledge my need to nurture and develop my writing voice.

I guess this blog is the first step in regards to making my dreams come true. I want to develop my writing (it's not perfect) and to be able to look back and see how I've grown, developed, and become the writer that I've always dreamt of being.

I'll be writing about subjects close to my heart, whether they are politically or not politically correct - I want to always be conscious of being true to myself and my values and be able to express that through writing.

Thank you for stopping by :)